3 Quarters by Denis Hamill

Explosive, street-savvy, and authentic, acclaimed columnist Denis Hamill’s novels are drawn in the ink that can only flow from the pen of a native New Yorker…and a superbly talented writer. Now, blending sinuous prose with a “relentless energy” (Lawrence Block), Hamill etches a novel set in a mercenary New York — where friends become enemies, cops are corrupted, and some must die, all for the sake of “3 Quarters” Bobby Emmet was a desperate man, an honest New York City cop, framed for the murder of his fiancee, and given one last chance to save himself — by an unlikely benefactor. Bobby didn’t murder his fiancee, Dorothea Dubrow, and then cremate the body — but he has an idea who is responsible. His murder trial interrupted his investigation of a police medical pension scam — and revealed how little he really knew about Dorothea. Now suddenly free, he is imprisoned in a web of corruption, lies, and the kind of secrets people kill for. As the struggle to find the truth — and Dorothea — intensifies, Bobby begins to suspect that those around him are not as loyal as they appear. His liberty and very life depend on whether or not he can discover how high — and how near — the conspiracy goes before the trap closes on him.

At once lyrical and riveting, “Three Quarters” crackles in its electric setting, reverberating with Hamill’s intimate knowledge of and intense passion for New York City.

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