Dead Flesh: Stories of the Living Dead by Josh Hilden

Collected in one place for the first time these seven previously published zombie tales span the gamut of the genre. In UNDER THE BED a little girl hides from a mother who’s not her mommy anymore. In THE LAST TRAIN OUT a terrified woman is forced to make the ultimate decision as she attempts to flee a New York City being overrun by the dead. In THE RISING WATER a young boy alone on an isolated farm has to deal with the storm of the century and the rise of the dead. In IT WAS THE CORN we are treated to a prologue and an epilogue of a world overrun by the dead. In ONE FOOT IN FRONT OF THE OTHER we are introduced to the generation born after the zombies conquered the world. In SANTA CLAUS VS THE LIVING DEAD its Christmas Eve and the dead are rising to consume the living, the only hope for humanity is the Jolly Old Elf. And finally in FRANKENSTEIN, KING OF THE ZOMBIES we’re treated to the story which inspired the Frankenstein Series.

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