Filthy Dirty Laundry by Kailin Gow

Sidney Stone, a recent college graduate in journalism has freelanced at the hot tabloid online magazine FILTHY DIRTY LAUNDRY since it began, and has just been encouraged to apply for the editor’s position. Just when she thought she was going to get the job, FILTHY DIRTY LAUNDRY was sold and her dream job of being the editor vanquished, only to find that FILTHY DIRTY LAUNDRY was sold to the gorgeous award-winning journalist Philip LaFleur, who happens to be the brother of her worst enemy, Kendall, who tortured and bullied her throughout high school. Can it get any worse?

As she watch her dreams vanish, she also gets into an accident with the cocky and much-too-sexy Philip, who seems to push every button in her, as he push beyond boundaries to get her to become a journalist she was meant to be. With Kendall also joining the magazine, along with Sidney’s best friend Johnson, FILTHY DIRTY LAUNDRY has become a hotbed of twists, turns, and passions in this new steamy series where exposing celebrity dirty laundry has become more than what it seems.

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