Nasty Cutter by Tim O’Mara (ePUB)

Nasty Cutter: A Raymond Donne Mystery
by Tim O’Mara ePUB

Danger gets a little too close to home for ex-cop Raymond Donne . . .

When his father s former law partner, Harry Stover, is murdered while being celebrated as Williamsburg, Brooklyn s Man of the Year, ex-cop turned schoolteacher Raymond Donne fights his old police instincts and vows to stay out of the investigation. That is until his childhood home is broken into and one of his students is threatened.

Has a decades old case of his father s come back to haunt the Donne family? Could the murder have something to do with the victim s charitable work connecting low-income kids with business leaders in Williamsburg? Raymond never has liked unanswered questions, and when the answers come a little too close to his home and school, he decides he s not above giving the cops a little unwanted help.

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