No Hitmen in Heaven by Dan Taylor

No Hitmen in Heaven: An Explosive Crime Thriller (Jake Hancock Universe Thriller) by Dan Taylor

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No Hitmen in Heaven is a fast-paced, explosive crime thriller set in the same universe as laugh-out-loud Private Investigator Jake Hancock. We hope you enjoy it!

What would you do to get to paradise?

Killing is a business, even if it’s a messy one.

Hitman Blake Elvis only has a few more kills to make before he retires on a remote island off the coast of Thailand. He’s killing for his wife, who was maimed in an auto wreck, to give her the life she deserves. But getting out of the game without cuffs on his wrists might not go like clockwork, not if retired FBI Agent Bob Lamb has his say, or “going straight” mob boss Jimmy Balbone.

Cue Peter Hammersmith, a movie producer who went all in on a major motion picture flop, and now he can’t even afford a pool guy. He hires Blake Elvis to “whack” his aunt, whose apartment on Hollywood Boulevard he pays the mortgage for. The hit should be simple. In and out.

But when a neighbor knocks on the apartment door, the hit takes a curious turn, and Blake finds out making it to paradise isn’t as simple as buying a plane ticket.

No Hitmen in Heaven is the story of one man’s need for redemption, another’s inability to let go of an obsession, and one gangster’s loose definition of the term legitimate.

Looking for a crime thriller with suspense, laugh-out-loud comedy, non-stop action, and an ending that will leave you wanting to read more? Start reading No Hitmen in Heaven with your Kindle Unlimited account free today!

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