Outbreak: Boston by Robert Van Dusen

Outbreak: Boston (Outbreak #1)
by Robert Van Dusen, Nicholas Baltra (Illustrator)

Life is tough. It gets even tougher when death isn’t the end…

Senior Airman Amy Frays returned from a tour of duty in Iraq. Struggling with the readjustment of returning to college after deployment, she did not expect to find herself recalled to help deal with a riot that was going on practically on her doorstep.
Private Adam Lacey, a Marine Corps Reservist fresh out of boot camp, left his wife and four year old twins behind to deal with the violence wracking the city..
Only it was not just some garden variety civil disturbance: the military was called in to enforce a quarantine in south Boston and there was some kind of new disease.
With the world pulling itself apart around them, Frays and Lacey end up leading a group of refugees in search of something resembling safety. Where would they go? How would they find food? More importantly, how would they avoid the hordes of cannibalistic infected wandering the countryside?

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