Outbreak: Brave New World by Robert Van Dusen

Outbreak: Brave New World (Outbreak #2)
by Robert Van Dusen, Matthew Stevens (Illustrator)

Life is tough. It gets a whole lot tougher when death isn’t the end…

It started out as reports of rioting and some weird stories on the news. National Guard and Reservists in the Eastern U.S. were called up when state and local law enforcement found itself unable to deal with the problem.
The situation quickly descended into anarchy. It did not help that some of the dead decided to not stay that way…
Senior Airman Amy Frays and Private Adam Lacey found themselves in the midst of the chaos as the city of Boston turned into an urban hell crawling with walking corpses.
However they are about to discover that not all their enemies are outside and the dead are not the only things they have to fear…
This is the second book in the ongoing Outbreak series.

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