The Murder of Janessa Hennley by Victor Methos (ePUB)

The Murder of Janessa Hennley (Mickey Parsons Mysteries #1) by Victor Methos ePUB

A brutal mass murder…

With the murders of the entire Hennley family, Sheriff Suzan Clay is left with a crime scene unlike any she has ever dealt with. The savagery of the killer is something the small community of Kodiak Basin, Alaska has never seen before. With nowhere else to turn, the Sheriff is forced to enlist the help of the FBI.

A special agent with a mysterious past…

Special Agent Mickey Parsons of the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit receives the Sheriff’s request and flies to Alaska to help in the investigation. Parsons has the most closed cases of any special agent in Behavioral Science’s history, but the mental and physical scars of the last case he handled in the field nearly six years ago has left him tired and contemplating retirement.

Uncertain if he has the strength to follow a killer into the darkness again, Parsons may need the Sheriff as much as she needs him.

A monster in the making…

Parsons believes the Hennleys to be the killer’s first victims. But the sheer brutality has him convinced he’s dealing with someone more monster than man. Someone that is escalating in their sadism, and if left free, will bring terror on the community unlike any they have ever experienced.

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